Elevation and Conveying Equipment


Elevation and Conveying Equipment.

Specialized Designs for conveying cereals and bulk solids at a low speed for gentle handling of the product.

All of our elevation and conveying equipment are of modular design, for easy assembly and manufactured with CNC technology to ensure accurate and efficient assembly operation. We include as standard in our equipment high efficiency gear motors.

SuperBrix conveying equipment is designed to handle a variety of bulk products. Depending on the material handling and operating conditions, the material for the equipment to be manufactured, is chosen accordingly (galvanized sheets, laminated carbon steel with high strength urethane paint finishes, stainless steel, etc.).


Drag Conveyors (Chain Conveyors)

Complete enclosure to assure clean plant operation, large capacities conveyed in compact space, drag chain manufactured by Mille (Italy) made in high strength C40 steel with superior resistance graphite Nylon blades for quiet operation (<90 dB), conveying incline sections, self-cleaning design for superior cleanout, indoor and Outdoor designs, heavy Duty design for exigent applications, easy access for cleaning and maintenance purposes.


Movable Stackers or Loaders.

The grain Stacker/Loader TME is a belt conveyor with variable inclination, designed for stacking and / or loading of bulk grain.

The TME have a robust support structure with traction support for transporting with tractor or forklift and a system for varying the inclination to fit the operation of loading or stacking.


Belt Conveyors

Rigid and solid modular frame for easy assembly, high abrasion and wear resistance rubber belt suitable for outdoor operation, rollers with totally enclosed bearing allowing longer period of operation without maintenance, compact and optimized design to handle large capacities in a reduced cross section.


Bucket Elevators

Rigid and solid design, head pulleys with anti-slippery lagging, multiple piece head design (optional) for easy installation, inspection and maintenance, multiple plies belt for heavy duty operation, buckets TAPCO brand (USA) made of high density virgin Polyethylene for heavy duty operation, designed with doors for inspection in the head, adjustable wiper belt, solid motor mount, high quality components: chains, sprockets, pulleys, bearings and drives.



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