Table Separator - SB


For the separation of particles with the same size, shape and similar weight. When traditional methods of separating fail, the SB table separator can be used with incredible results.

Exclusive 7 deck design with more than 99% cargo/paddy separation guaranteed!

Our first paddy table was developed in the early 30's, and since then there has been continuous research and innovation throughout the 20th century.
Today, after more than 60 years of development, we can proudly state that the SuperBrix table separator is one of the most efficient and cutting edge machines worldwide - helping millers to obtain better results and reduce operational costs.


Vertical Grain Polisher - PV

The SuperBrix PV-50 grain polisher is a newly designed milling machine, using a combination of an abrasive milling system (with emery segments) and friction (between individual grains) in a vertical milling chamber to remove bran from cereal grains such as rice, wheat, milo and barley in a single pass. It works gently with low internal pressure in the milling chamber to minimize grain breakage.

In addition, the aspiration system simultaneously conveys away the removed bran layers while cooling the grain and machine components.

Horizontal Grain Polisher - PHB

The PHB series horizontal grain polisher is designed for efficient bran removal while maintaining whole grain yield or for reducing oil content and residual bran on whole grain or broken grain.

Husk Separator - SN

This pneumatic husk separator is used in different processes to separate lighter impurities from the product. It is widely applied to remove huso blanks, vains, dusk and other Light impurities from rice. This is achieved by an air countercurrent stream that blows through a curtain of falling product.




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